NACDDB: Nucleic Acid Circular Dichroism Database

Andrea Cappannini, Kevin Mosca, Sunandan Mukherjee, S Naeim Moafinejad, Richard R Sinden, Veronique Arluison, Janusz Bujnicki, Frank Wien

Nucleic Acids Research, Volume 51, Issue D1, 6 January 2023, Pages D226–D231

NACDDB is a new resource that provides a wealth of information related to DNA, RNA, and hybrid conformations as revealed by circular dichroism (CD) and synchrotron radiation CD (SRCD). Nucleic acid polymers adopt a wide variety of single and multi-stranded conformations, including turns, kinks, loops, duplex, triplex and quadruplex structures that have consequential roles in biology, including replication, repair, genome stability, expression and regulation of genes, and the functionality of non coding RNAs. Different nucleic acid molecules provide characteristic CD profiles useful for identification as well as measurements of their structural stability and dynamic equilibria. This public archive includes spectra, references, and structural models, for scientific and biomedical applications of nucleic acids molecules.

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