SIRT3 consolidates heterochromatin and counteracts senescence

Zhiqing Diao, Qianzhao Ji, Zeming Wu, Weiqi Zhang, Yusheng Cai, Zehua Wang, Jianli Hu, Zunpeng Liu, Qiaoran Wang, Shijia Bi, Daoyuan Huang, Zhejun Ji, Guang-Hui Liu, Si Wang, Moshi Song, and Jing Qu

Nucleic Acids Research, gkab161, doi: 10.1093/nar/gkab161

As a mammalian Sirtuin, SIRT3 is found primarily in the mitochondria where it plays a crucial role in mitochondrial homeostasis and metabolic modulation. However, the function and mechanism of SIRT3 in regulating human stem cell senescence remain largely unknown. Here, investigators describe a novel role for SIRT3 as a regulator of heterochromatin organization, thereby safeguarding hMSCs from senescence. Their mechanistic investigations reveal that SIRT3 coordinates with heterochromatin proteins and lamina-associated proteins in the nucleus to maintain heterochromatin stability and repress the activation of repetitive sequences.

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